[For Residential Construction Business Owners Who Want To Create True Wealth]


This book shows you how the most successful building companies in the world get booked out 6-12 months doing profitable projects, build high performing teams that always deliver on time, and become known as the builder of choice.


  • Our proven method for pricing every job profitably at 20% gross profit margins or higher (so you can make more money by doing less work and take time off whenever you want)...

  • How to get paid in advance to do quotes without even meeting your clients…

  • The 80/20 process for winning back 12+ hours of free time every week. (Spend your extra time working on your business, having fun with family and friends, or simply taking a well deserved break.)

  • How to finish projects faster, complete jobs at a higher quality, and drastically reduce the amount of rework… 

  • Know exactly how many jobs you need to hit your desired profit goals. (No more guessing, trial and error, or just winging it anymore.)

  • The confidence to take on bigger jobs knowing you've got a solid team of people behind you who deliver a high standard of work within budget every single time…

  • Free yourself from having to put out fires every day by building self-managing teams who don't need you to constantly hold their hand like a babysitter…

  • How to make a PROFIT on staff salaries. (If you could make back $1.50 for every $1 in wages, would you keep doing everything yourself?)

  • The simple sales process for attracting top shelf clients who pay premium prices and respect your expertise…

  • Get crystal clear on the numbers in your business, so you know what jobs to focus on. (And more importantly, what jobs to ignore because they’re not worth your time.)

  • The easiest way to get all your jobs running efficiently without having to ever set foot on a job site…

  • How to attract, hire, and keep “A class” carpenters, foremen, QS’s, leading hands, office managers, and apprentices whenever you need without paying top dollar (and have them up to speed to hit the ground running in 30 days or less)...

  • The key to improving team productivity without spending a single cent. (All it takes is just one simple tweak to your on site processes that you can implement in minutes.)


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Hi, I'm Marti Amos.

I completed my Masters in Marketing and lectured at Otago University before moving on to the Marketing Director at Honda and the Country Manager at Pirelli Tyres (New Zealand).

In 2004 I started The Professional Builder to help residential building company owners create true wealth – both more time and more money.

Over the last 18 years, my team and I have helped 5,000+ builders from New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Canada and all around the world gain back control over their companies and their lives.

My #1 goal is to help you get back your freedom.

This book includes everything I know about how to predictably control cash flow, quickly hire high-quality staff, and implement foolproof systems that create consistent results every time.

I hope you’ll find it as useful as the thousands of builders we’ve helped.

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To your success,

Marti Amos

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  • You’re a residential construction company owner doing $1-10 million in sales a year
  • You want more profits in your own pockets without doing any extra hours
  • You want to create a professional building business that works for you (not the other way around)
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