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For Owners Who Want a Healthy 20%-25% Profit Margin

Discover How 2689+ Builders Grow Their Company’s Profit By Working Less Using The Proven “Business Health Audit”


For Owners Who Want a Healthy 20%-25% Profit Margin

Discover How 2689+ Builders Grow Their Company’s Profit By Working Less Using The Proven “Business Health Audit”



Take The 43-Point Contractor's Health Audit To Identify The Important 80/20 Tasks And Measure Your Company Against Industry Leaders



If you want to grow a successful building company, gone are the days where you need to:

  • Work 60+ hours week-in-week-out, all year round
  • Take on more projects than you can handle
  • Wear all the company hats of estimating projects, managing sub-contractors, liaising with clients, and more

What you need is a clear bird's-eye view of your business to pinpoint what areas that are slowing you down, what holes to plug, and the crucial areas of growth.

And it’s exactly what you’re getting with Residential Construction Company Health Audit.

We designed it using our time-tested insights and understandings from working with 2689+ building company owners since 2004.

We've identified and broken down the 80/20 of successful building companies, allowing you to focus on maximizing growth, time, and money.

Inside the report, you'll get 3 customized scores:

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1. Overall Health of Your Business

Your overall health will show how well your business is systemized and calculate how close you are to run a smoothly operating, profitable company where it gives you true wealth, both more time and more money.

You want a business that can run like a well-oiled machine, with or without you...

To do this you need to have the right systems that'll allow you to make the shift from "builder' to "owner".

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2. Systems and Processes Score

You'll get a clear overview of your:

  • Numbers
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Systems
  • Team
  • Leadership
This helps you identify areas that are performing well, the biggest untapped opportunities, and plug in the holes that drain your resources.
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3. Your Growth Score

Discover what stage you're at on the builder's ladder:

  • Survival
  • Stability
  • Scale
  • Success

By identifying where you at right now, we can prescribe the best strategies for your business and situation. This will earn you the right to grow a successful building company.


TPB Members At The Grow Through Adversity Summit in New Zealand (May 4, 2023)

Why Thousands Of Building Company Owners
Grow Their Business With Us:

Having helped 2689+ building and construction companies since 2004, we've identified the core pillars to build a successful building company.

We take building company owners from:

  • Pocketing slim profit margins of 15% or below
  • Sacrificing their personal life and family by working 60+ hours
  • Spreading themselves too thin and unable to move their business forward

To now:

  • Earning healthy profit margins of 20%-25%
  • Having the free time to spend with their family and on their passions
  • Having a clear goal of where they want to take their building business
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TPB Members Reaching For Higher Margins At The Pricing For Profit Summit

Look, we've helped thousands of builders who began with nothing and now own building companies they once believed were a far-fetched dream.

If you're on this page, it means you have the drive and passion to make it to the top. You know you do.

What’s left for you is a clear game plan where we outline the steps you need to take, freeing you from running on the hamster wheel.

Here are some of the results our members achieved with the right systems in place:

  • Doug went from doing $1.5M in turnover, barely breaking even... to making $8.5M with a 24% gross profit margin in 24 months.
  • Joel & Michaela 4X-ed their average project size from $150K to $600K in 18 months
  • Scott increased his year-to-date gross profit margin from 15% to 23% and even hit a $60k net profit in one month

With the Health Audit, you'll know straight away which key areas you need to focus on and the exact steps to take.

We're here to help great builders like you build great businesses without missing out on what life has to offer.