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What you're about to see was the result of a lifetime of testing and refining the most profitable systems for builders...

For 18 years I had to fly out to different cities field testing these exact systems & checklists over, and over, and over again with different construction companies across the world.

These systems & checklists have been put through the wringer, refined over hundreds of times, and have probably had over 100 hours spent perfecting each one.

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[What's It Like To Access Our Entire Collection of 182 Systems For Builders ?
Marketing systems (like the 1% referral system… the “rainy day postcard strategy”... the perfect direct response website… site signage… Facebook ads etc etc)... … that let you attract a consistent flow of GOOD enquiries so you can pick and choose the best
The 7-step sales process – that lets you weed out the time-wasters and win large jobs at 20-25% margin…
Pricing systems so you can quickly cost a job using real numbers… and get quotes accurate to the nearest $1,000.
On-site procedures (like staff scorecards, daily “stand up” meeting procedures, QA checklists etc etc) to keep jobs moving forward like clockwork… and your guys working like A-players…
Hiring and onboarding systems so you can FIND the best candidates at the drop of a hat, and get them up to speed and performing FAST…
Numbers and Financial systems so you can see the health of your business in real-time and make informed strategic decisions…
Admin systems so you can delegate your entire back-office and be sure it runs BETTER than when you were doing it yourself…
Systems to negotiate with suppliers…
Systems to get paid for quotes…
Systems to control jobs and KEEP 20%+ gross margin…

We’ve literally pulled apart EVERY aspect of a successful building company…
Perfected it…
Systemized it…
And documented it.

 Now, all you have to do is steal these systems and plug them into your business.
And the result will be more money and more free time.

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[These Builders Unlocked The Profits In Their Business Within 60 Minutes

Step 1: Game Plan & Time Back

This is where we start, most people are good at what they do, but lack a clear plan on what to do next…

We implement our “Freedom Finder” Framework to get you back 12 hours a week in your free time.


Otherwise, it will be hard for you to hire, implement systems, and work on the business if you’re still stuck running from one task to the next.

This is also having a clear vision of where EXACTLY we’re going with your business and the lifestyle goals you want to hit.

This helps guide every decision we make that’s customized to your goals and not someone else’s goals.

Claffey Case Study
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Step 2: Cashflow & Profits

If you have a business that has poor cash flow & profits you’ll be living paycheck to paycheck.

You’ll not be earning what you deserve for the effort that you’re putting in.

More importantly, you won’t have the cash flow left over to reinvest into the business and grow, systemize and hire the right people.

You can't scale chaos, and you cant scale lack of profits

Haven Homes Award

The math won’t be in your favor.

We show you how to profitably price work and even start charging for quotes rather than just competing on price.

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Step 3: Pipeline (Marketing & Sales)

The goal here is to show you how to profitably line up 6-12 months ahead of jobs.

This will allow you to turn other work away that’s at low margins.. Just to keep the team busy, and allow you to hire with confidence. 

AND never have to stress at the end of a project about where the next job will come from

Tamati Case Study

Overall we give you systems for attracting the right kind of work and filling up your pipeline months out at high margins and no more having to compete on price just to keep you and your team busy

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Step 4: Operational Excellence & Leadership Management

Systems run the business and people run the systems.

At this level, we are going to be looking at things that will remove you from the operations & day to day running of the projects.

Ensuring projects still meet your time and quality standards when you’re not there.

Also, we want to make sure you have systems in the office so that you bring in an admin assistant so that you can begin to delegate out low-end repeating tasks.

Now that you have those operational systems down…

We want to be able to find the right people to run those systems.

This is finding other leaders in the business.

Win - aaron_redgwell
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Step 5: Impact & Legacy

Finally at the top of the builder’s ladder is Impact/Legacy or your idea of success.

This may look like working on the business only or in the business a couple of days a week.

It may look like opening up other companies or businesses.

It might look like structuring a buy-in or selling your company.

No matter what it is, the goal of everything we've done before this point is to help you reach this massive milestone in your life.

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Bonus Step: Roadmap of Implementation

The roadmap for implementing what YOU specifically need most right this second is called "The Professional Builders Roadmap”

People are always working on things that don’t matter yet.

You wouldn’t wax your car if you haven’t washed it yet right ?

It’s about working on the 80/20 of what matters right this second to free up your time and boost profits.

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You first start with the “Blueprint” Systems, which are in blue. These are the foundational building blocks you need at each level of the builders ladder to give you stability, predictability, & profitability.

Once the Blueprint phase has been successfully implemented, you have in yellow the “Accelerate” Systems. This is where you pour fuel on the fire and really experience the rapid growth you’re looking for.

Lastly are the ‘Wealth’ Systems which really squeeze the revenue & profits from your business so you’re getting max output from your business.

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 [ Apply To Access Our "Entire Systems Collection"

[Yours Today For $998 FREE]