Here’s How To Hire GOOD Carpenters, Office
Managers & Foremen
Whenever You Need Them...

And Get Them To Hit The Ground Running In Just 30-Days!
(Even While Other Builders “Can't Find Good Guys”)

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Solve “People Problems” Once And For All…

Quickly & Seamlessly Replace Poor Performers...

Avoid Getting Sucked Back Onto The Tools…

Take On New (Bigger) Jobs With Confidence…

Earn The Freedom To Work ON Your Businesses... 
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Here’s just some of what you’ll get in this FREE,
 “Copy & Paste” Hiring Guide:
  • The 3 part “People System” that goes FAR beyond just “hiring”… and ensures you find good guys, get them performing to their full potential, only pay market rates -- AND -- build a team that performs when you’re not there.


  • The proven Job Ad template to hire top-notch carpenters whenever you need them. (Download, tweak and post this ad and watch the highly-qualified applicants come rolling in.)


  • How to make a profit on ALL the wages you pay...

  • The “Perfect Week” diary for your office manager so you know who to hire… when to hire… and how to make sure they get all the “mission-critical” tasks done on time and to a high standard (without micromanaging).

  • If you’ve ever wondered “should I hire a foreman?” then the “Top 15 Foreman Tasks Checklist” will evaporate all confusion, show you exactly when you’re ready for a foreman and how to put them to work to free up HUGE chunks of your time.


  • The 5-step applicant “weeding” process to eliminate time wasters, whingers and poor performers before they suck a second from your day.

  • How to avoid the “Diva Dilemma” and ensure you never get held hostage by one star employee/contractor. (If you have a guy or girl with key business information “in their head” it’s a big warning sign you need to change.)

  • How to get your new guys and girls performing like A-players in as little as 30 days... (just one month from uttering “you’re hired”, you’ll happily go on holiday knowing the job will get done to near perfection without you there.)

  • Why a “coaching” leadership style will win you more respect, better performance, and more loyalty than a “buddy” or “dictator” style. Learn the exact, day-to-day activities you need to undertake to be an effective “coach” to your team.

And Much More!


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Hi I'm Marti Amos,

I’ve spent 17 years helping the world’s top building company owners to:

- Earn more money,

- Work ON their businesses, instead of IN it


- Gain a whole lot more time and freedom in the process.

In short, I’ve been trying to answer one big question:

“How do you make your construction company run like a machine… so you can enjoy more freedom and ever-increasing income?”

I’m pleased to say, I’ve got the answer.

I’ve been able to piece together an entire “Blueprint” for running a wildly successful building business from “A to Z”.

And I’ve had the good fortune to be able to test that blueprint again, and again and again (with over 2,369 top building and construction company owners) –

Making it better and better with each repetition. 


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Free Yourself Up &